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The customer will be able to select from the shipping companies that we carry or they can use their own, but in both instances the shipping charges are the customers responsability.

In the case that you receive the package and it has visible signs of wear or being opened, please verify its content before getting in touch with us. If the order is damaged or incomplete, please return the package to us and let us know by emailing us info@harpsclub.com so that we can send you your new order with no damages.

To avoid any delays and unnnecesary charges, we recommend that you input your exact information: name, shipping address, city, zip code, customer account number with the courier selected (if it is not one of ours) and phone number.

Automatic Shipping Discounts

FREE U.S. Shipping

Free U.S. shipping will be automatically added to your shopping cart on all orders over $250.

Clouseout Items

Closeout items are already reduced to the maximum selling price and do no apply for free U.S. Shipping.

International Shipping

We can only accept International orders over $250

The billing and shipping address must be the same address for all international orders. We cannot ship to a separate shipping address. We can only ship to the address that your credit card bill is mailed to.

We also require that your address be on file with our merchant address verification system. Our merchant system will not process your order, if we are unable to verify that your billing address matches with your credit card, you are using to purchase.

If you receive an error when processing your order that says: "The address provided does not match billing address of cardholder", then we recommend trying to check out with PayPal. This method of payment may work better for international orders.

Or you may contact your bank/credit card company and let them know that you are trying to make a purchase with a company in the US that uses an address verification system. Let them know you would like to make your address available to verify. However, this may take longer and take a lot more effort than just checking out with PayPal, which seems to work fine with our international customers.

Please note that if we are uncomfortable or uncertain about the validity of your order, even if you live in one of the countries listed above, we may contact and ask you to provide identification before proceeding with your order. We hope you understand that this is for both, your security and ours.